Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dolly Magazine March 1987

March 1987
Model Alison Brahe
Photography Graham Shearer
Animal Magnetism fashion spread
Photography Grant Matthews

It seems I've caught Alison Brahe fever!  She looks quite fresh faced and timeless on this cover, the velvet bow is from Sportsgirl, and it's funny to see how du jour these headbands are at the moment, and often credited to Gossip Girl as the origin of the trend - I think not!  Actually it probably went even further back to the 1930's or the 1940's I am thinking.

I love this fashion spread, although I had to do a little retouching to the cover and the spread itself as there was some extensive discolouration and creases.  I tried my best, and hope it's not too obvious.


  1. Ow wow, I had most of these outfits!!!! Yep that hat and the round sunnies too...would of loved those shoes and skirt in last photo though - still would!

  2. You had most of these outfits? I am so so jealous. Oh those shoes are soo amazing, I am lusting after them too and yeah basically that entire outfit. This spread is kind of a bit more arty for Dolly which I like.

  3. Yep I most definitely had that black shirt in the 5th photo, the first dress, the black hat in the 4th photo - or one similar....I still have the sunnies!

  4. I had my letter published in this issue of Dolly.